About Us

Since 1948 after the Chinese independence skilled Shanghai's Tailors were started moving to Hong Kong , and since then they has been providing their best Workmanship in Hong Kong tailoring business, and now they are famous all over the world for their high quality hand tailoring.

Shanghai's tailor always stand by its name and known as one of the leading tailor in Hong Kong. Because of its highly skilled and nit workmanship, and best service, today Shanghai's tailor is considered as a trusted home for tailoring. It's professional fashion advising, made Shanghai's tailor thousand of clientele from all over the world includes diplomats, military officers, business men, and many more world servicing clients.

Shanghai's tailor is more than a retail store can't understand without visiting it. Providing the latest styles, according different body shapes and under the close observations of cut and stitch, Shanghai's tailor always provides something new in fashion and fabrics quality, which delights it's clients.

From The House Of Manning Company Tailor

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